Magic Spooders

Handmade jumping spooder (spider) enclosures.  (Each comes with a FREE wild-caught bold jumper!)


  • Pre-made terrariums (+ free spider) start at $65.
  • Detailed care sheet included! 
  • Custom enclosure commissions available, reach out for pricing!
  • In-person pickup ONLY.  We are located in Riverton, UT.  We will not ship.
  • We will bring them to sell at market events whenever we have extras up for adoption.
  • Since these are wild-caught and we are not experts, we cannot guarantee the age, sex, health, or temperament of the jumping spiders.  They come as-is, and do not include any warranty or replacements.  We do our best to ensure each spooder is active, eating, and acclimated to their enclosure before adoption.
  • Remember; we are charging for the time and materials spent on the enclosure and the spider comes free!